This page is dedicated to useful links related to Colonial life experienced by the the Parramatta Female Factory women inside and outside the factory. Enjoy what others have discovered.

Historical Novel Society Australasia Conference Podcast:

Women Transported: Life in Australia’s Convict Female Factories: the book associated with the exhibition of the same name. Developed by Gay Hendriksen, Parramatta City Council in partnership with Western Sydney University.

State Records NSW Webinar: This is a great webinar for for family historians on researching the Female Factories. You can visit State records NSW website and search webinars or go to You Tube.

Parramatta Female Factory Overview: For a context and overview of the Parramatta Female Factory visit this Convict Australia webinar

National Heritage Listing:                                                     ;place_id=106234

Lisa Wilkinson Episode of Who do You Think You Are?                                                       Lisa Wilkinson is descended from a Parramatta Female Factory woman. Her connection is included in the Who Do You Think you Are? episode. Very moving episonde:

National Archives of Australia Seminar:

State Library of NSW Seminar – History, Herstory, Our Story, Parramatta Female FActory Bicentennial Seminar

Community Tour of the Parramatta Female Factory:

Colonial Dance: The convict women may have been incarcerated but irrepressible is one way to describe them. Music and dance was a part of their life. Heather Clarke has a great website on early Colonial dance. This page gives some insight.