Other NSW Factories

Port Macquarie, c1840, Joseph Backler

There were 13 Female Factory sites in the Colonies of NSW and Van Diemen’s Land. In NSW they were Bathurst, Moreton Bay, Newcastle, Parramatta (2) and Port Macquarie (2). In Van Diemen’s Land there were Cascades, Hobart, Georgetown Launceston and Ross.


The gaol at Newcastle was built in 1818 of which a section became the Newcastle Female Factory. It was known as the Newcastle Gaol and Female Factory and operated from 1831 to 1846.


In 1832 the military barracks at Bathurst was used as a Female Factory. This ran from

 1832 – 1844.

Port Macquarie

Port Macquarie was established as a secondary penal settlement. In 1822 female convicts were sent. This operated until 1842.

Moreton Bay

There were two sites in Moreton Bay. Redcliffe 1824 – 1825 and then the site which is now the Brisbane GPO building where the women were sent until 1837.

Emu Plains Farm

Although not classified as a female factory 32 female convicts were sent to what was known as the Government Agricultural Establishment at Emu Plains. Although this employed convict women for a brief period the women were from the Parramatta Female Factory and required to produce work.

For information on Van Diemen’s Land Female Factories click the link: https://www.femaleconvicts.org.au/