Daily Life

Rules and Regulations for the Parramatta Female Factory, 1821, SLNSW Collection

Little is known of the daily life in the Parramatta Female Factory.

Morning muster would have been a daily feature. This may have been done in separate classes or as a general muster. Brief health checks of the women occured daily.

Meals were likely two in a day – breakfast and lunch.

Convict work time was officially between 8am and 3 pm. Work after hours was the purview of the convict and products and associated sales would belong to the convict. They did have convict bank accounts although they would not be able to access these until after their sentence.

Daily prayers would have accompanied muster and meals. Once a week the women would have attended service. The first class would have attended St Johns Cathedral. The other classes would have had visiting clergy.

Work was assigned by the Matron and these related to the manufacturing as well as the other work activities that occurred in the factory.

Punishments would have been metered daily.

Assignments would have been given as required.